They are quirky, clever and all share the same message in a unique way, which is to maintain social distancing world over during these trying times in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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They are quirky, clever and all share the same message of maintaining social distancing.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought India and the world to a standstill. With thousands of new cases reported every day, it’s necessary to follow the national lockdown… Social distancing is the norm today and to ‘drive home’ this point, automakers have taken to social media to emphasise on this idea with quirky ads, clever punchlines and dramatic visuals for the petrolhead, all of which tell you one thing – To Stay Home and Stay Safe!

Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Audi have cleverly used their logos cleverly to convey the message of social distancing. While Maruti and Hyundai use the letters effectively, Volkswagen separated its iconic V and W logo to emphasise on social distancing. Audi too used its legendary logo to talk about social distancing and this is possibly for the first time the four rings have been separated from each other.

British carmaker Jaguar’s post was about a brighter tomorrow with its logo leaping forward. Conveying a similar message was another British automaker Rolls-Royce urging everyone to keep their spirits high during these gloomy times…

Also joining Volkswagen and Audi, was compatriot BMW that shared several videos on its social media handles asking customers to stay home and flatten the curve. BMW also shared a post with the vintage Isetta small car, asking users to take care of elders who are more susceptible to contracting the Coronavirus.

American automaker Jeep is known for some clever use of its iconic grille and the new post from the manufacturer rolled out some advice on what do at home during the lockdown. Spanish carmaker Seat shared an adorable message on its social media handle. While social distancing is necessary physically, you do need to keep in touch with your loved ones in these times.

For Mercedes-Benz, this was the time to acknowledge the efforts of the essential services personnel that have been tirelessly working around the clock to keep us safe…

If you were missing the open highways, Renault India’s quirky post will remind you of just that. But a road trip can definitely wait a few more days.

Kia Motors decided to hit the rewind button quite literally with its new Carnival TV commercial, because an extravagant date can wait. With Italy being one of the worst-hit countries by the Coronavirus pandemic, Ferrari tweeted a picture of its headquarters draped in the Italian tri-colour showcasing the country’s resilience in these trying times.

Moving on to two-wheeler manufacturers, India’s Royal Enfield is known for its touring motorcycles but the brand urged customers to stay home in its own style. TVS Motor Company too had a very interesting way to convey its thoughts with the brand’s Iconic red leaping horse coming to a standstill in the wake of the pandemic. Yamaha Motor India used this opportunity to thank the essential service workers while also conveying social distancing by folding hands together.


It’s trying times for humanity and it will take a while before the auto industry goes back to being a growth driver for the economy. The lockdown has given mankind the opportunity to think about what really matters and why we need to stay home for our future to survive. At carandbike, we have been cautious and urge you to do the same… Stay home and stay safe!

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