Coronavirus: Hyundai Logo Re-imagined To Promote Social Distancing

Several iterations of the Hyundai shaking hands logo are now promoting things like washing of hands and elbow shaking

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Hyundai’s unique way of promoting social distancing by re-imagining its logo

Korean car giant Hyundai has tweaked its logo promote social distancing in these times of Coronavirus pandemic. Traditionally the Hyundai logo shows 2 people doing a handshake, one being the customer and other being the company. The essence always has been to promote cordial relations between the two. The arrival of Coronavirus pandemic has ensured that shaking hands is the first casualty the world over and keeping in tune with the changing times the logo has now been re-imagined to promote social distancing.


One re-imgination of the Hyundai logo also promotes washing of hands 

Through these tweaked iterations Hyundai is also reminding everyone the importance of washing hands with soap and water saying that is the simplest protection for all of us. These logos may not end up being used extensively or on production cars but have certainly made an impact in this fight against the disease.


The company is taking several steps across the world to streamline its business and contribute in taking on the pandemic. Some global measures include extension of ‘Hyundai CARE’ warranty extension program and introducing digital showrooms and online bookings. Buildings are being disinfected and personal sanitation items are being provided while work from home implemented according to government guidelines. In India provision of donation of test kits imported from Korea is being facilitated and along with local vendors the company is has started production of ventilators. Recognizing the sacrifices of healthcare professionals and volunteers across the world, Hyundai is also providing fleets of vehicles to frontline personnel to better enable their mobility when they need it the most.

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