Having gone for numerous touring adventures over the years, I have learned to keep a list of essential gear. In 2019, I got a Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited and my long-haul cruise experience with it was over the top. I am grateful for my camera kit as I was able to document my adventure. Don’t let your exciting tour ideas die for lack of gear to embark on your journey. Here is a list of all the essential kit and gear that makes my dream come true. Let’s get started.

Old-school map

Okay, I know I am old school so forgive me for choosing this over your phone’s Google maps. The journey rather than the destination creates an adventure. In my experience, a map on paper add to the thrill of the ride. Whether it’s through towns or countryside, poring over paper will get you there.


The type of tires you need will be determined if you are riding off-road or on the streets. The amount of time you plan to spend off-road and the duration of your trip determine your tires. There are many types of Dual-sport tires available in the market that give a combination of durability and traction both on the streets and off-road.

Harley’s are heavyweight bikes and I’d recommend going to a Harley-Davidson OEM parts dealer for your specific adventure wheels.

Body Armor

Regardless of the additional luggage, you are carrying, remember that body armor is a must. You need your peace of mind and your fellow riders also need to know you are safe. In addition to the helmet, protect your chest, back, elbows, knees, ankle, and foot.

Communication system

A communication system that doesn’t need you to use your hands is a critical component in a tour. Thanks to technology, we now have Bluetooth-helmet functionalities. You can also link your systems together as a riding cru and communicate along the way.


I never embark on a journey without a torch, toolkit, and first aid kit. Carry all the required tools that you can fit under your seat or in a pannier bag. The length of your trip and how far off from the nearest garage determine the tools you carry.

A decent lock

I have forgotten to carry a lock when touring with my buddies along the countryside several times. Helmet and disc locks are easy to carry and can deter thieves for a little longer. Also, you can comfortably enjoy your coffee break without carrying your helmet and jacket along.