Display includes integration of company’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM), Purpose Built Vehicles (PBV) and Hub (Mobility Transit Base) smart mobility solutions.

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The model is a miniature of an exhibit shown at CES 2020 and displays Hyundais future mobility vision.

Hyundai Motor Company has revealed a miniature model of its smart mobility ecosystem which was exhibited at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas earlier this year. The 1:8 scale model includes integration of various means through which Hyundai aims to become a smart mobility solutions provider. These include an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicle, Purpose Built Vehicles (PBV) and Hub (Mobility Transit Base). After being displayed at the company’s headquarters till June, the model which shows a dynamic human-centered future cityscape will be showcased at major events around the globe.


Hyundai says Urban Air Mobility has been people’s dream for decades.

Jaiwon Shin, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai’s Urban Air Mobility Division said,” Urban Air Mobility has been people’s dream for decades and the S-A1 Personal Air Vehicle concept on display shows our dedication to bring forth Urban Air Mobility for the benefit of humanity.” According to Hyundai the idea is to give people more quality time while providing seamless freedom of movement and the opportunity to enjoy diverse experiences.

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In the display, the UAM is shown with its rotors tilting, enabling vertical take-off and landing and rotating horizontally for flight. On the ground, PBVs can be seen running on the road, traveling around the Hub, becoming part of the building when connecting to the Hub’s docking station. In addition, mirrors are installed on the ceiling of the exhibition space to allow an immersive viewing experience from various angles. Videos of a future city transformed through smart mobility solutions will also be shown on large displays installed on adjacent walls.


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