According to latest rumours, the new Honda CBR600RR may be revealed at a MotoGP event later this year, around October.

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The Honda CBR600RR-R is now rumoured to be officially unveiled later in 2020

The possibility of a new supersport class Honda, to be called the Honda CBR600RR-R, has been talked about in the recent past. But now it seems that the model will likely be unveiled very soon. If latest rumours are to be believed, the new bike is likely to be unveiled officially, for the first time, in October 2020. Now, these are so far rumours, and there is no confirmation from Honda as yet, but the rumours do talk about a date, and the very likely possibility of the CBR600RR-R being unveiled at either the Thai GP, or the Malaysian GP later this year.

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The new model will see a host of design and mechanical changes than the current Honda CBR600RR pictured above

The likelihood of Honda working on a latest iteration of the supersport machine was first reported by Japanese publication Young Machine. According to that publication, the new Honda CBR600RR was indeed under development. Then came the news that the new bike could follow the latest Honda CBR1000RR-R nomenclature and feature an extra ‘R’ in the name, so the CBR600RR-R name that is doing the rounds. While there are different versions as to when the new bike will be unveiled, either at the Thailand GP, or the Malaysian GP, with current restrictions on travel and large events due to the pandemic, it’s still a matter of doubt whether the MotoGP events will resume, as early as July as predicted by some reports.


There are no details available as of now about the specifications and features of the new Honda CBR600RR-R, but we expect it to meet all the global emission standards, as well as be equipped with electronics farkles, and high-quality components, quite like the Honda CBR1000RR-R. With the global motorcycle industry in the middle of a slowdown with the coronavirus lockdown, some brands will continue to forge ahead, with new products and new activities in the immediate future. Other brands will likely scale back many activities, including pushing back new product launches. It still remains to be seen what course Honda is likely to take in the coming months. High volumes and legacy products are one thing, but a brand new supersport class machine is quite another.

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