A good sports car is the dream and envy of many motorists in the US. But the price of new vehicles is too high, so many drivers are willing to consider used models. The experts from the Indy Auto Man used car dealership know how to choose the best used sports cars for sale.


It is no secret that regular restyling is common for sports cars. Owners constantly improve them, changing their appearance and technical characteristics. Such alteration can significantly increase the cost of the vehicle and complicate its maintenance and repair. Therefore, if you are ready to buy a modified sports car, keep in mind that finding spare parts may be difficult. 

Pay particular attention to the engine condition: in sports models, it operates at the limit, and such changes may cause safety issues. It is necessary to evaluate its residual life, in particular: check the compression, exhaust parameters, and the presence of smudges.

Consumables Matter

Since a sports car and high speed are inseparable concepts, you need to evaluate those parts that bear the maximum load during high-speed driving and wear out quickly:

  • tires;
  • brake discs and pads;
  • clutch.

If the consumables are in a satisfactory condition, in any case, make a financial allowance for the possible replacement of these parts soon. Even the price of sports car tires significantly exceeds those for a simple family car due to the high-speed index.

Working Fluids

The circulatory system is the main condition for the proper functioning of a car. Hydraulic fluids tend to deteriorate and therefore need to be changed regularly. This applies to sports cars to a greater extent because they are subjected to more severe loads.

It is impossible to determine the freshness of engine oil, coolant, or brake fluid during a visual inspection. Therefore, ask the owner to show documentation confirming the appropriate car service and replacement of all types of working fluids.


You need to know the market value of the car you buy, regardless of how much money you have. The used car’s value depends on its general technical condition, mileage, age, and even region. Definitely, you need to check KBB or NADA prices, and take them as a starting point. Consider the offers from private sellers, compare the prices at different dealerships and determine the minimum and maximum cost of the selected model. In different regions, the price for the same model can vary, so if you want to buy a sports car in Indiana, you may consider options in Plainfield, Greenwood, and Indianapolis. And it is quite possible that this spot car will cost you less and will be delivered to you for free within any Indiana town if you are searching for such a vehicle in a bigger city, like Indianapolis.

Vehicle History

When buying a used vehicle from a private seller, do not expect that its owner is not a fan of fast and extreme driving. The style of sports car driving implies high speeds and, accordingly, a high degree of emergencies. With these thoughts in mind, you should carefully inspect the bodywork for damage. Be sure to pay attention to the condition of the suspensions and the front bumper, especially the lower part.

If you are a fairly experienced driver, pay attention to the compliance of the interior condition with the declared mileage of the car. Too polished steering wheel cracked upholstery of seats and worn out pedal pads indicate not easy country walks.

Analyzing the body is the easiest. Visual inspection is enough to see the absence of traces of a global repair. And if you don’t find these traces, you can expect no other surprises from the body: a rare owner will operate a sports car in snow or mud. 

Order a history report to make sure that this vehicle was not under long-term repairs after a serious accident. When you buy a car at a reputed used car dealership, like Indy Auto Man, you can get such a report for free.

Test Drive Is a Must

As a rule, serious breakdowns, which repair cost is comparable to the car value, do not happen at once. Before this, characteristic sounds and other manifestations of the impending disaster appear.  Any honest dealership always offers a test drive – a short trip to check the feelings behind the wheel and the technical condition on the road. This will be the final accord to make the decision if this sports car is what you were dreaming about.