Along with all the mechanicals, your vehicle’s tyres too need regular maintenance more so in times when the when they’re not being used.

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Tyres in the same position for too long can cause a flat spot because the weight of the vehicle.

The nationwide lockdown owing to the Coronavirus has ensured that our vehicles have largely remained unused for almost 2 months now. This means we need to take care of our vehicles even more than before. At carandbike we have already shared with you tips on how to take care of your vehicles during the lockdown so that you do not end up paying heavy service and repair bills once the lockdown gets over. It’s now time to turn our attention to the all-important tyres as they too require the  utmost care in these unprecedented times.


It is Important to increase shelf life of tyres during the lockdown period.    

Tyre manufacturer Maxxis has come out with some handy tips that will help you in ensuring that tyres on your vehicle are kept safe from unnecessary harm. Normally, it is not recommended to over-inflate tyres because that reduces grip. However, in these times doing so in certain limits actually reduces the risk of flat spots. For 4-Wheeled vehicles, flat spots could be avoided by pushing the vehicle forward/backwards once a week by up to 10 meters. In the case of 2-Wheelers it’s better if the vehicle is parked on the main stand, so tyres do not touch the ground to minimise flat spots.

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Parking the vehicle in a covered area also helps as the tyres do not come in direct contact with sunlight or UV rays. While you are down there, you can give them a quick check for damage and tread life, too. This can be checked simply by placing a ₹ 5 coin between the tread and if it covers just a quarter of the coin, thenn it’s time to change the tyres because that means there’s low grip on offer. 

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