November 30, 2022


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The Most Useful Equipment to Have in a Disaster

You have probably seen dump trucks, bucket trucks, and cranes on construction sites around town. While these vehicles are primarily used in the construction industry, they also come in handy for emergency situations like hurricanes. You never know when a disaster will strike your area, so it is important to be prepared with the right type of vehicle at the ready. In this blog post we will discuss what types of vehicles are the most useful in an emergency.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are useful for carrying huge quantities of materials like gravel, sand, dirt, and other bulk goods to areas that need repairs. 

Track Loaders

While the bucket on the front of dump trucks is perfect for carrying soil and debris out of dangerous areas, track loaders have claws which allow them to grab onto things like live electrical wires so crews know where they are before working near it. Without these specialized tools, clearing homes or buildings after an earthquake could take weeks instead of days!

Wheel Loaders 

Wheel loaders, like dump trucks, are able to transport heavy materials. They’re also a lot smaller than dump trucks and can be used for more delicate jobs around the house or in small spaces. 

Bucket Trucks

These might not seem as powerful and useful at first glance because they don’t carry any material on board but bucket truck’s size is perfect for getting up close to higher buildings that need maintenance. This means that bucket trucks have been called upon when working with things like: tall cranes, high-rise buildings, radio towers, bridges, cell phone relay stations, and more. 

Bucket trucks which use a crane arm help make it easier work on high structures where ladders would never suffice! This allows bucket trucks to reach higher places and remove debris from rooftops so they don’t get any heavier and collapse. This makes them useful for roofing and gutter repairs after a natural disaster. 

Bucket trucks can also be used to dump rainwater from roofs. This can help prevent further water damage to a roof after a flood or a hurricane. Keep this in mind when you are looking for bucket trucks for sale.


In addition to dump trucks, track loaders, and bucket trucks, cranes are another truck that can be used for clearing debris and lifting heavy loads. The best thing about these particular vehicles is that they have the highest clearance which allows them to access areas inaccessible by dump trucks. This helps rescue workers lift heavy objects like trees, broken power poles and other obstacles safely out of the way until they can be repaired. 

Cranes are also great tools for removing hazardous items quickly and easily without putting people at risk. 

Be sure to note that some crane rigs require two drivers. Crane operators should also always wear harnesses while operating the vehicle, just in case of an accident or sudden stop! 


Excavators are another popular vehicle for emergency situations. They are great for digging through tough ground, removing debris and even assisting with the removal of buildings when needed.

Grapple Trucks

Grapple trucks are a versatile choice for those who need to move large amounts of material. They have a crane, bucket and forks that can all be used in tandem to help with the removal process after a natural disaster.

Skid Steer Loaders

Skid steers make moving dirt or sand around much easier for construction workers, clean-up crews, landscapers and more! Their small size also means they can maneuver through tight spaces where larger vehicles would struggle. There’s no shortage of emergency situations when you’ll find skid steer loaders useful.


Dozers are used to push or dump materials. They can be used in situations that require pushing out debris, extracting trees from buildings and removing snowdrifts after a storm.


Forklifts have been an integral part of the construction process for decades now because they offer versatility when it comes to lifting as well as transporting heavy items like machinery and furniture. For this reason, they’re also handy during emergencies where these same activities need to happen quickly.

If you have a dump truck, bucket truck, crane or any other construction vehicle in your fleet and are concerned about how important it is to keep them prepared for disasters, these tips have given you some information about what type of preparations you should make. While there’s no way to know when a disaster will happen, you can be prepared when it does with these everyday construction vehicles and more!